Federació d'entitats d'acció social que treballen de manera prioritària amb persones en situació o risc d'exclusió social per a la transformació i la justícia social


ECAS (Entitats Catalanes d’Acció Social) is a federation of Catalan social assistance organizations, which works mainly with people who are -or may eventually be- at risk of social exclusion. The direct assistance offered by the entities of ECAS and the effort of the federation to organize the third sector is based on the ongoing fight to get equal opportunities for everybody, as well as on our resolve to make a more egalitarian and fair society. Our aim is to add up all efforts and orchestrate them so as to allow for social inclusion, implement people’s rights, achieve a complete fulfilment of citizenship for everyone, and make for the welfare of all people by creating a society based on commitment and joint responsibility.

ECAS was created in 2003 as a result of joining different social networks operating in Catalonia in order to create a forum for exchanging ideas, promote dialogue and coordination, not only with its own members, but also with the administrations and the rest of social agents. The Assembly, which is composed of all affiliated organizations, is the governing body of ECAS. At present, it is made up of over 100 social entities caring for the needs of 962,704 people each year by 20,930 professionals and around 13,500 volunteers.

On this excerpt of the 2018 Baròmetre del Tercer Sector Social (in Catalan), published by the Taula d’entitats del Tercer Sector Social, you can find a breakdown of all organizations of social assistance in Catalonia (the organizations they belong to, as well as their activities, financial and economic resources, internal operations, etc.).


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